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Extremely limited allocation of misteraddons MiSTercade units available ONLY for Australian customers. In stock and ready to ship!

Please read the description below in full before ordering.

MiSTercade PCB
40mm Fan
20x20x10 mm Heatsink
USB bridge to connect to DE10-nano

Not Included:
Kick harness

MiSTercade Features:
Black, 4 layer, ENIG finish PCB with edge beveled JAMMA connector
User I/O port
40mm fan with 3.3V/5V selectable voltage
Reset, User, OSD buttons
Extensible for future add-ons
Currently only JAMMA compatible (not JVS)

7 port USB hub with VBUS power control
Sub-1 ms controller encoder for 2 players 6 buttons (potential for 2P8B)
CPS1 and CPS2 kick harnesses for 1P and 2P buttons 4, 5 and 6
CHAMMA wiring for 2L12B at JAMMA edge with non-standard JAMMA wiring
Coin counter signal to increment cabinet coin count (Only works on 5V coin counters, not 12V)
8 buttons for P1 and 6 buttons for P2 (using custom CPS-2 kick harness)
P1B7 = Test (no arcade games supported by mister use 8 buttons - only PS1 and Saturn cores could, assuming they are released)
P1B8 = Service (mapped to pause in all cores)

CMOS video level via JAMMA edge or HD15 (VGA) port
Pin jumper to select between CMOS-level CSYNC and 75 ohm CSYNC
Connect to one output or the other, not both
Analog audio:
Move DE10-nano switch SW0 towards center of PCB
Dedicated i2s audio DAC
Line-level analog stereo audio output via 3.5mm and RCA connectors
Amplified mono audio via JAMMA edge connector
Stereo volume potentiometer (attenuates both line-level and amplified audio)
Digital audio via mini TOSLINK
Move DE10-nano switch SW0 towards edge of PCB

Power Notice:
+5V power generated from the +12V rail
+5V and -5V cabinet power supply rails are loaded for a steady 100 mA current

DIP Switch Function
AMP STBY Puts audio amplifier in standby mode
C1=C2 Merge coin inputs for 2 player cabinets that share a single coin mech
P1 FREE Merge P1COIN and P1START for pseudo free-play mode
P2 FREE Merge P2COIN and P2START for pseudo free-play mode