MP12-IONA-SB JVS “Arcade Stick” Controller PCB Rev. 4 (Brook Compatible)

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The MP12-IONA-SB is created by Mellow PCB from Japan. It is similar to the Brook Fighting Board, uses the same connector cables, but speaks JVS rather than USB.

This new Revision (4) of the board has the pin header placement adjusted to match the Brook standard.

As the MP12-IONA-SB uses an additional chip to speak JVS protocol, you don’t need any software settings to mitigate and to adjust electrical characteristics.

Use cases include creating fight sticks with low latency JVS support and wiring up arcade panels to plug directly into JVS. Boards are able to be daisy chained for multiple players. The device is powered by USB-C. Standard USB-B to USB-A connection to JVS. Daisy chaining is achieved by USB-A to USB-A between boards.

Support for 1 Lever and 8 Buttons with coin, start, test, service, BOOT and META buttons (BOOT and META are special buttons to change IONA-SB settings).

Layout and rapid-fire are configurable.

It supports "JVS Faster Mode" on exA-Arcadia hardware.

As a bonus, it still can speak USB HID for mini hardware; such as Neo Geo mini, Mega Drive mini, Playstation mini, PC Engine mini, C64/A500 mini, etc.

Due to the complexity of JVS and the hundreds of various controllers able to be used we do not supply any support or compatibility guarantees for this product.

Manual, more information and direct support is available HERE

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