Arcade CRT Convergence Strips

$25.00 AUD - $50.00 AUD

Convergence strips are used to control the purity and convergence of electron beams in the corners of a CRT tube.

If you have ever seen multiple colours (Red, Green, Blue) separating on the image where it should be a solid white, that is a convergence issue.

These sized strips are typically used in tubes ranging from 19" to 36" and can be used on Arcade CRT's, Broadcast Monitors (BVM, PVM), CRT Televisions, etc.

Original strips are no longer manufactured and quite hard to come by. Older strips are also susceptible to losing their magnetic properties due to age.

These strips are a newly manufactured product imported in small batches from the USA.

Strips are made with the highest quality materials to exact OEM specifications:

Strip Size: 8.5/9.3cm x approx 0.7mm
Strip Material: Styrene with excellent dimensional strength and heat resistance.
Metal Tabs are Ultraperm Alloy
High quality Polyimide film tape resistant to Tempratures of -100F to 500F
3M Adhesive tape to adhere to back of Tube

NOTE: The width of the strips in each pack are generally 0.7mm but can have a slight variance up to 1-2mm. This allows for greater control and the ability to choose a strip to suit a particular application or adjustment.

Available in Packs of 10 or 20 and shipped in an envelope using our cheapest "Small Item" postage rate.