Darksoft F3 Multi

Sold out $629.00 AUD - $699.00 AUD

Standard kit comes with Multi PCB, 30cm ribbon cable and LCD screen in a bespoke Darksoft cardboard box.

Deluxe Multi Kit includes the Standard Multi Kit and the following 4 items:
1 x Confirmed compatible blank 8GB SD Card
1 x 1-Meter Long LCD Extension Cable
1 x 3D Printed LCD Selector Case with Screws and Mount (Red)
1 x High Quality Vinyl Laminate F3 Multi Sticker

To use this kit you will need to ensure your F3 motherboard is region free (simple modification) -- http://wiki.arcadeotaku.com/w/Taito_F3_System

NOTE: SD Card comes in sealed blister pack. No ROMS or Games are supplied with any of the kits we sell.