HAS JAMMA Extension Cable

Sold out $189.00 AUD

High quality JAMMA Extension Cable designed and manufactured by HAS with 4mm thick plexiglass case for both ends of the harness + bolts and spacers + Test and Service buttons (OMRON brand) installed.

Supergun Dedicated (not only for the HAS)
Hard gold plated JAMMA edge contacts (not soft gold "ENIG")
~60 cm cables length (~68 cm total length)
2x16AWG for GND, 2x16 AWG for +5V, 1x18 AWG for -5V, 1x18 AWG for +12V, 22 AWG for everything else
DIP switch to enable/disable buttons 4, 5, and 6 outputs on the JAMMA connector
Compatible with the HAS kick harnesses (and it doesn't require any AUX harness between the HAS and the extension harness)
Clean design with solid copper planes and no unnecessary vias
Built-in voltmeter to monitor +5V