MP07-IONA-US JVS Interface

Coming soon $100.00 AUD

The MP07-IONA-US is created by Mellow PCB from Japan. It is a small board that allows for the direct connection of USB gamepads and sticks to JVS based arcade systems.

JVS systems are generally equipped with a power supply, video and audio outputs already. Usually you would need to hook up a I/O Board such as the Capcom or SEGA I/O or Taito Fast I/O for controls, this is where the IONA board steps in to save the day. Simply power it with a micro USB cable and you've got access for 2-Players via USB. There's no need for a Supergun when playing outside of a cabinet anymore!

Device has been tested as compatible with SEGA Naomi, Taito Type X/X², Namco System 2x6, exA-Arcadia and more!

Gamepads supported include Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and PC as well as some PS3 and Switch controllers with more support on the way via free user-upgradable firmware (you can request controller support by filling out a form direct to Mellow PCB).

Also, for example you're able to play Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram on Naomi with a Tanita Twinstick or DeathCrimson OX on Naomi with a PS3 Guncon 3 and much more!

There's also Rapid-fire and Custom Button Layout features in this jam-packed tiny device.

Manual and more information available HERE

Very limited stock available!