MP07-IONA-US JVS Interface v2.00

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The MP07-IONA-US is created by Mellow PCB from Japan. It is a small board that allows for the direct connection of USB gamepads and sticks to JVS based arcade systems.

JVS systems are generally equipped with a power supply, video and audio outputs already. Usually you would need to hook up a I/O Board such as the Capcom or SEGA I/O or Taito Fast I/O for controls, this is where the IONA board steps in to save the day. Simply power it with a USB-C cable and you've got access for 2-Players via USB. There's no need for a Supergun when playing outside of a cabinet anymore!

Device has been tested as compatible with SEGA Naomi, Taito Type X/X², Namco System 2x6, exA-Arcadia and more!

Gamepads supported include Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4 and PC as well as some PS3 and Switch controllers with more support on the way via free user-upgradable firmware (you can request controller support by filling out a form direct to Mellow PCB).

Also, for example you're able to play Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram on Naomi with a Tanita Twinstick or DeathCrimson OX on Naomi with a PS3 Guncon 3 and much more!

There's also Rapid-fire and Custom Button Layout features in this jam-packed tiny device.

Due to the complexity of JVS and the hundreds of various controllers able to be used we do not supply any support or compatibility guarantees for this product.

Manual, more information and direct support is however available HERE

Very limited stock available!