Darksoft CPS-3 UltraSIMMS

Sold out $649.00 AUD - $659.00 AUD

No more long loading times!
No more painful waits switching games!

UltraSIMM Kit comes with 6 x UltraSIMMs, two programming adapters, cable and DIP selector + cable.

CPS-3 UltraSIMMs have 8 times the capacity of a regular SIMM, so you can load up to 8 different games.

To use this multi you need a ProMan programmer to program the SIMMs using the two included adapters, or alternatively can find someone to program the SIMMs for you.

You will also need to have your cartridge updated to UltraBIOS or obtain a reproduction cart.

If you want more information about these services, please visit the arcade-projects.com forum.