$25.00 AUD

Similar in function to the legendary Infinikey, openkey-cps2 enables the games decryption keys to be injected on boot without the need for a battery.

openkey-cps2 can also bring back to life suicided games without requiring any modified code.

openkey-cps2 is compatible with all CPS-2 games from any region.

CPS-2 batteries are ticking time bomb that are notorious for leaking and therefore damaging the games PCB.

Removal of batteries are a preventative measure that all CPS-2 game owners should take. There is absolutely zero difference in game function between openkey-cps2 and a live battery.

NOTE: You will need basic soldering skills to install this board. Installation guide, jumper settings and information available HERE

openkey-cps-2 is an open source project, it's author has kindly given us permission to make and sell these products on the site.