Darksoft Multi: CPS-2 Key Writing Cable & QSB PCB

$20.00 AUD - $35.00 AUD

Professionally Machine Crimped JST-to-JST Key Writing Cable for use with the Darksoft: Champion Edition Multi Kit.

The CPS2 Multi Kit Key Writing QSB PCB is a safer and more convenient way to install key writing wires to your Darksoft CPS2 Multi Kit. It uses the J4 hole pattern on the multi kit PCB as an anchor point for a 6 pin JST NH connector identical to the CN9 connector on the CPS2 B board that the key writing wires connect to. This allows easy installation and removal of the key writing wires with no risk of damaging the sensitive pads on the multi kit.

NOTE: The QSB Board is only needed for Darksoft CPS-2 Multis released prior to the "Champion Edition".