Home Arcade System (HAS) Supergun v5.0 Set

Coming soon $349.00 AUD

Home Arcade System, HAS for short, is what we consider to be the highest quality Supergun available on the market.

We've decided to offer the units on our site for sale, fully kitted out with the most wanted options that we also highly recommend.

This unit comes complete with the following 4 items:
1. HAS Supergun *
2. HD15 Adapter **
3. CPS-1 Kick Harness Cable
4. CPS-2 Kick Harness Cable

You will need a Power Supply and Video Cable of your choosing to power the unit and display output from the HAS. Please see the FAQ at the end of this product description for recommendations.

HAS Supergun Features:
JAMMA, JAMMA+ and CHAMMA compatible
DB15 controller ports (Neo Geo compatible, extended to support buttons 5 and 6)
Programmable button layout
Programmable rapid-fire (VSync synchronized, 6 different fire rates)
Buttons 1-6 on the JAMMA connector (buttons 4-6 can be disabled)
Buttons 4-6 on the “kick harness” connector
Internal memory to store the button layout and rapid-fire settings
RGB+CSync video output (75 Ohm impedance)
Selectable video Low Pass Filter
Video brightness regulation via one knob
CSync buffer
CSync regeneration (fixes video issues in the Taito F3 connected via the XRGB Mini)
Selectable CSync level and impedance (~0.35Vp-p, 75 Ohm impedance or ~5Vp-p, high impedance, TTL)
HSync and VSync outputs (~5Vp-p, high impedance, TTL)
8pin mini DIN connector for audio and video output (XRGB Mini pinout)
3.5mm jack connector for audio output (it will override the 8pin mini DIN audio output)
Audio attenuation
JAMMA (mono audio) or MVS (stereo audio) compatible
Test and Service buttons
6-pin power connector
Acrylic glass case
Modular build (the basic functionality can be expanded by using special modules)

* The HAS comes standard with the following set of accessories:
2x laser cut 4mm acrylic covers (for top and bottom)
A set of screws, and spacers (the "case" comes unassembled)
A power supply cable: high quality 45cm long 18AWG cables; 6pin connector on one end and fork terminals on the other end that is suitable for arcade power supplies.

** With the HD15 adapter you can connect the HAS with the OSSC using a standard VGA cable (it helps with the Taito F3, which won't work with the OSSC when connected via the Scart). You can also use a VGA->BNC cable to connect it directly to PVM/BVM monitors. The adapter comes with a set of spacers.

HAS Instruction Manuals