Pre-Built CPS-2 Multi

$1,749.00 AUD

Darksoft CPS-2: Champion Edition Multi installed on a Grey A/B board set (Asian Region).

This set includes:
CPS-2 A+B Capcom Boards (Grey, Asian region)
Darksoft: Champion Edition Multi Kit and Key Writing Harness (Installed)
Blue 3D Printed Case for LCD Selector
1-Meter Long Cable for LCD
High Quality vinyl sticker installed on the Shell
Original Volume/Test Buttons in-tact
Brand new, SEALED 8GB SD Card (no ROMs or Games included)

Item is in overall very good condition with only minor scuffs and general wear to the exterior shell of the unit from original arcade usage and age.

PCBs and internals are in excellent condition. The CPS-2 "A" Board on this unit is still sealed with the original Capcom sticker and unopened!

NOTE: We haven't opened the "A" board to perform maintenance thus the "test" button needs to be re-seated or replaced to function (see photos for more detail). If you do not wish to open the case, you can use a toothpick or small tool to activate the button (or just use the "test" button on your cab or Supergun).

All our pre-built kits are lovingly built using the finest donor boards, tools and solder and then QA tested before listing and then again before shipping. Buy with complete confidence.

NOTE: SD Card comes in sealed blister pack. No ROMs or Games are supplied with any of the kits we sell.