Pre-Built CPS-1 Multi [12MHz Dash]

$1,699.00 AUD

Darksoft CPS-1 Multi installed on a CPS-1 12MHz Short Dash Board

This set includes:
CPS-1 A-Board / Motherboard (Short, 12 MHz Dash)
CPS-1 92641C-1 C-Board (Brand New / Old Stock)
QSound FPGA Board
QSound and Reset Wires (Installed)
Purple 3D Printed Case for LCD Selector
Brand new, SEALED 16GB SD Card (no ROMs or Games included)

Item is in excellent condition. Motherboard is in very good to excellent condition. C-Board is Capcom new old stock and never used.

All our pre-built kits are lovingly built using the finest donor boards, tools and solder and then QA tested for many hours of play testing before listing and then tested again before shipping.

Areas of testing include, loading and playing the entire library of CPS-1 and CPS-1.5 games, mono and stereo audio testing, motherboard diagnostics, overnight soak testing, etc.

Buy with complete confidence.

NOTE: SD Card comes in sealed blister pack. No ROMs or Games are supplied with any of the kits we sell.