Everten: System 1 Stereo Audio Board [Namco]

Coming soon $59.00 AUD

Fully assembled PCB kit. Adds RCA connectors to the Namco System 1 arcade board for line-level stereo audio, no soldering required. Connects to the stereo headers at J108 via the included interconnect PCB. Mounts to the exposed screws of the audio heat sink and transistor at U6 with the provided hardware. Requires the jumper at JP4 be in the stereo position on the Namco System 1 board.

The kit includes: 1 x stereo PCB, 1 x interconnect PCB, 2 x M3 10mm brass female-female threaded standoffs, 1 x M3 19mm nylon female-female threaded standoffs, 3 x M3 6mm mounting screws.

Please see the attached datasheet for compatibility, installation instructions, and other notes before ordering.