Everten: F3 IO Board - Stereo + CPS2 Kick [Taito]

Sold out $89.00 AUD

Fully assembled PCB kit. Adds RCA connectors to the Taito F3 arcade board for line-level stereo audio and CPS2 kick harness connector, no soldering required. Connects to the stereo headers (S) with included interconnect PCB. Connects to the kick harness headers (AA) with the included wire harness. The spinner switch allows easy changes between joystick and spinner controls by replacing the jumper at JP3 (helpful for Lions3 case which blocks access to JP3).

The kit includes: 1 x IO PCB, 1 x interconnect PCB, 1 x wire harness, 2 x M3 10mm mounting screws (pre-installed), 2 x M3 washers (pre-installed), 2 x M3 nuts (pre-installed), 2 x M3 8mm thread-forming screws (colored heads), 1 x Custom Lions3 case left riser, 1 x joystick/spinner switch with wire harness

This kit is compatible with the standard Taito F3 cartridge system (see datasheet). It is not compatible with the single board variant (rare). Compatible with the Lions 3 F3 acrylic case and Bit-District (twistedsymphony) holster.

The custom Lions3 left riser is available for purchase as an add-on or you can download the STL and print it yourself.

Please see the attached datasheet for compatibility, installation instructions, and other notes before ordering.