aje_fr Multi SH2

Coming soon $725.00 AUD - $740.00 AUD

Created by the legendary Mutli developer from France, aje_fr, the Multi SH2 interfaces on a Psikyo PCB and is compatible with all games on the system.

The installation is of a high advanced level and requires a lot of fine work including clearing hundreds of through holes, soldering 2 connectors, lifting SMD chip legs and soldering small components onto the donor. Please seek installation help if this is above your skill set. Installation Guide linked below for perusal prior to purchase.

The multi has no games included and is programmed using an SD card. The flashing process is slightly more time consuming than other multis but up to 4 games can be retained in memory and recalled instantaneously. Game selection, options, etc. are accessed via an on-board OLED screen.

Standard Multi Kit comes with the following items:
Mutli PCB
Resistors to deactivate PROMs
Components to install a kick harness
An Audio Fix PCB
2 x Multi Connectors

Multi comes as a bare PCB and all necessary components listed above ready for installation but without an SD card. A blank, but confirmed working with Multi, 16GB SD card available for optional purchase in the drop-down selector.

NOTE: SD Card comes in sealed blister pack. No ROMS or Games are supplied with any of the kits we sell.

NOTE: The donor PCB motherboard visible in the photos present a setup example and are not included and shown for illustrative purposes only.

Tip: The recommended (and easiesr installation) donor PCB is Strikers 1945 III.