Australian Arcade Magazines

$15.00 AUD - $220.00 AUD

We've decided to open up for sale our personal archives of these fantastic and rare arcade publications from Australia: Leisure Line, Cash Box & Muse.

Don't miss your chance to catch a glimpse of Australia's rich arcade past in these elusive trade magazines that were only available to arcade operators on a subscription basis.

Tonnes of great articles, advertisements, price lists, reviews, technical information, trade show reports, location charts and much more!

Magazines are offered in various yearly/themed lots as well as single issues. These are all the issues in our possession and it's very rare we come across these in our travels.

Yearly Packs:
Leisure Line 1992: June - December - 7 issues
Leisure Line 1993: January - February - 12 issues
Leisure Line 1994/1995: July & December (94) and March & November (95) - 4 issues

Themed Packs:
Leisure Line Mortal Kombat Trilogy: MK1 (September 92), MK2 (January 94), MK3 (May 95) - 3 issues

Single Issues:
Leisure Line 1987: March
Leisure Line 1990: October (Neo Geo)
Leisure Line 1993: February (Doctor Who)
Leisure Line 1994: June (Daytona USA)
Leisure Line 1994: August (Alien vs. Predator)
Leisure Line 1995: January (Killer Instinct)
Leisure Line 1997: May (Tekken 3)

Cash Box Australia: January 1993
Cash Box Australia: February 1993 (Street Fighter II Pinball)
Cash Box Australia: January 1994 (Outrunners)

Muse: Vol. 6 #4 (Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back)

Please Note: Whilst most of these magazines are in good to very good condition, some are well read with general wear and creases. From memory there's also a couple missing a page or had something cut out of them.

If you want detailed conditions before purchase, feel free to send us a message.