Australian Arcade Magazines

$15.00 AUD - $150.00 AUD

We've decided to open up for sale our personal archives of these fantastic and rare arcade publications from Australia: Leisure Line and Cash Box.

Don't miss your chance to catch a glimpse of Australia's rich arcade past in these elusive trade magazines that were only available to arcade operators on a subscription basis.

Tonnes of great articles, advertisements, price lists, reviews, technical information, trade show reports, location charts and much more!

Magazines are offered in various yearly/themed lots as well as single issues. These are all the spare issues in our possession and it's extremely rare that we ever come across these in our travels.

Yearly Packs:
Leisure Line 1992: 6 Issues
June, July, August, September, November, December

Leisure Line 1993: 8 Issues
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, December

Leisure Line 1994/1995: 4 Issues
July & December ('94) and March & November ('95)

Themed Packs:
Leisure Line Mortal Kombat Trilogy: 3 Issues
MK1 (September 92), MK2 (January 94), MK3 (May 95)

Leisure Line Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 3 Issues
1990 May, August, December

Single Issues:
Leisure Line 1987: March
Leisure Line 1991: May (The Simpsons)
Leisure Line 1993: February (Doctor Who)
Leisure Line 1995: January (Killer Instinct)
Leisure Line 1997: May (Tekken 3)

Cash Box Australia: January 1993
Cash Box Australia: February 1993 (Street Fighter II Pinball)
Cash Box Australia: January 1994 (Outrunners)

Please Note: Whilst most of these magazines are in good to very good condition, some are well read with general wear and creases. From memory there's also a couple with slight water damage, missing a page or had something small cut out of them.

If you want detailed conditions before purchase, feel free to send us a message.